BoSidin Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device

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• Professional Grade Laser Hair Removal :Experience the efficacy of Bosidin's professional grade laser hair removal device, designed to provide permanent hair removal from the comfort of your home.

• 6 Energy Levels :With 6 different energy levels to choose from, this device caters to various skin types and hair removal needs, ensuring a personalized and effective hair removal process.
• Ice Cold Skin Rejuvenation :The device's ice cold skin rejuvenation feature provides a refreshing sensation during the hair removal process, making it ideal for those seeking a cooling and soothing hair removal experience.

• High-Quality Material :Constructed from durable plastic, this hair removal device is designed to withstand regular use while ensuring longevity and reliability.

• Japanese Power Source :Powered by Japanese technology, this hair removal device guarantees efficient and effective operation, ensuring you get the most out of your purchase.

• Machine Made :The machine-made manufacturing process ensures that every component of this hair removal device works seamlessly together, providing a seamless and efficient hair removal experience.

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Special Recommendation : 2024 Unique New Technology: BoSidin Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device, precise removal of hair on face, underarms, bikini line and legs, medical standard, safe and reliable, hair removal without pain and without damaging the skin.

1Product Features:

[Precision Hair Removal]: Adopt dermatologist-approved hair removal parameters for salon-quality results, achieving smooth skin effortlessly at home.[Long-lasting & Efficient]: Utilizing third-generation continuous pulse technology to tackle stubborn hair, maintain silky-smooth skin, and be ready for any occasion with ease.[Safe & Comfortable]: Featuring DCD dynamic cooling technology for a comfortable and secure hair removal experience, ensuring skin comfort during the process.[Customized Attachments]: Five dedicated attachments for face, arms, underarms, bikini area, and legs, ensuring focused and skin-adherent light with advanced filtering and curved design.[Convenient & Ergonomic Design]: BoSidin Pro hair removal device features one-button operation and an ergonomic handle design, providing a comfortable grip and easy operation. Solve your hair problems in no time and say goodbye to awkward moments.

2: Technical standards

Principle of IPL laser hair removal
590nm-1200nm long infrared light wave, removes skin fuzz and coarse hard hair from the root of hair follicle.
6 major hair removal modes, providing different hair removal programs for different parts of the body.
6-speed energy adjustment, providing a safe hair removal experience for different sensitive skin.
2-in-1 multi-functional epilator, you can take care of your skin while removing hair.Infinite flash technology, one machine can be used for a long time, save your money.
0.5mm thick sapphire mirror, 12.5 square centimeters ice surface, thinner and larger, more efficient hair removal speed.
Intelligent 0.5S automatic rapid flash, one person can also be at home for professional hair removal

  1. How do the results compare to beauty salons and hospitals? Can you remove hair permanently? Beauty salons and hospitals perform laser hair removal using large machines that are often more painful. BOSIDIN specializes in researching and developing high-tech beauty and body tools that focus on both effectiveness and user experience. Our device, registered with the drug administration, can prevent hair regrowth and achieve long-term hair-free results, offering a medical-grade home hair removal tool.

  2. Should I use a razor to remove body hair before waxing? It is recommended to shave first, especially for areas with thick hair. Shaving the surface hair before using the epilator ensures that the intense pulsed light energy effectively reaches the hair follicles. Ensure there are no symptoms of redness or itching 12 hours after shaving before using the epilator. If your skin is dry and itchy after shaving, apply toner or aloe vera gel and other moisturizing products to fully absorb before using the epilator. Note: Dry shaving is prohibited. Use foam or shower gel to wet the hair before shaving due to the sharpness of the razor.

  3. Why does it smell like burning when you use it? Please shave first before using the epilator. If you use an epilator without shaving, the hair on the surface of the skin may burn due to high energy. After shaving, some users may still notice a burning smell as the high energy burns any remaining hair on the skin's surface. This is within the safety range and does not affect the skin or safety.

  4. Why is it important to press the lamp head against the skin when using it? Pressing the lamp head close to the skin ensures the hair follicles are closer to the light area, receiving higher energy, and resulting in a better hair removal effect.

  5. What should be done and what should not be done when removing hair?

    1. After shaving, if there is no discomfort the next day, use the hair removal machine.
    2. For the first use, choose the lowest setting and test on a small area. Wait 8-12 hours. If there is no discomfort, proceed with a wider area.
    3. Light the same skin area 1-2 times; do not repeat light on one area multiple times.
    4. After hair removal, apply ice to your skin for 2-3 minutes. (Ice mode is activated when you do not press the light button while the device is on.)
    5. For facial or lip hair removal, use the device on the face for the first time two weeks after removing body hair without discomfort. Avoid using skincare products that may cause irritation.
  6. What kind of people/areas should not use it?

    1. Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals.
    2. People with skin sensitivity to light, folliculitis, infectious skin diseases, burned skin, or other skin conditions.
    3. Individuals with bleeding disorders, immune response suppression disorders, diabetes, vascular disease, or other medical conditions.
    4. Areas with scars, tattoos, acne marks, birthmarks, moles, pigmentation, stretch marks, or uneven skin color.
    5. It is not recommended for use on sideburns or the hairline area.
    6. Do not use it concurrently with essential oil products.
  7. What care should I take after hair removal? Avoid touching water for 6 hours. If your skin feels hot and dry, use moisturizers to soothe it. Avoid exposure to sunlight for 24 hours and apply sunscreen.

  8. Why does the sapphire light port fog up? The Sapphire Ice Spot port is automatically cooled after power-on to improve comfort and reduce the burning sensation. The mist is a normal physical phenomenon when the light is not activated, and it will not affect the hair removal effect.

Get silky smooth skin in six easy steps:

  1. Wet hair with foam and shave with a razor blade. (Note: The razor blade is sharp; dry shaving is prohibited.)
  2. Connect the device to the power source.
  3. Adjust the energy level to your comfort (we recommend starting low and increasing gradually).
  4. Swap to the corresponding body mode. The freezing point is on by default and can be adjusted.
  5. Put on your glasses and press the button to light the product vertically on your skin. (You can turn on continuous flash mode for sliding operation.)
  6. After treatment, you can choose SR mode to restore delicate and smooth skin.

Treatment recommendation: Use 1-2 times weekly for 3-8 weeks to achieve long-lasting hair removal. After that, perform maintenance treatments every two months to keep the skin smooth.

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